Monday, June 15, 2015

Tweets for Preliminary Hearing - June 15 - Charles Merritt

1h1 hour ago San Bernardino, CA
Joseph McStay's brother + family arrive for prelim hearing of Chase Merritt, accused of killing McStay, wife + sons. 

1h1 hour ago
Merritt has walked into room, dressed in grayish shirt and tie. Conferring with his attorneys. Prelim to start any minute now.

4m4 minutes ago
court just began, both sides agree they are ready to proceed. 1st witness investigating officer taking stand.

1h1 hour ago
Detective says 45 bones, at least 2 from children, were found in desert grave were McStay family bodies found.

1h1 hour ago
Second witness on stand in prelim is Sgt. Jose Armando Avila. He responded to Mcstay grave sites.

  7m7 minutes ago
Investigator called to scene says they found bones in gravesite, ribs, parts of legs and several pieces...

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